Saturday and Trail riding

I woke up feeling fairly shitty. You know that feeling you get went you want to cry for absolutely no fucking reason? That was today. I hate that feeling. I get that feeling and then I get angry because I hate the weakness of it all… and basically I’m just a total dick…but internally. Externally I’m just quiet…pensive.

But I digress…today wasn’t awful at least. I worked part of the day. Didn’t have much to do this time. I mentioned previously I work at a barn; more specifically I train horses, give riding lesson, guide trail rides and other shit depending but those are the main things.  Going on a detour here for a moment while I’m on the topic of my job… If you ever decide to go on a trail ride regardless if it is the single file snooze fest ones or not please please PLEASE for the love of everything do not say you are an experienced rider if you only kind of ride. YOU ARE NOT EXPERIENCED JUST SITTING ON A HORSE AND KIND OF RIDING AROUND ON IT.

You are experienced when you can walk, trot, and canter comfortable and control the horse when it gets excited. If you are holding your reins up to your shoulders and habe your legs sticking out past the horse’s face- YOU’RE NOT EXPERIENCED. Just because you may have been on a horse before… just because maybe you’ve flopped around when they’ve trotted… doesn’t mean you are experienced. Horses are animals…wild fucking animals. No matter how much training they have…no matter how old they are- THEY CAN AND WILL SPOOK… it may take a horse 20 years before its spooks. But every horse spooks. When places say you can or cannot do something on a ride it is for YOUR SAFETY and the safety of they horse because even the best riders in the world can be injured or killed… If you go to a place to ride and you’re not experience they will know. Lying will get you nowhere…If you seriously want to trot and canter the horse you’re riding talk to the place before hand and see if they have an arena you can ride around in and go those speeds, (tip: don’t say “run” it’s a tell tale novice rider sign), that is the best way to be able to speed up when riding… It’s in a controlled and safe environment… It may not be as picturesque as the trail ride but it’s a lot safer if you don’t know much about riding. Every place has different rules and different things the allow and don’t allow and will do as part of the ride system, (for example I always give a brief riding lesson to all trail riders before we leave because I allow trotting on the ride (experienced riders have the option to canter as well) and knowing how to properly handle your horse helps a LOT)…Asking will not hurt you. I promise. If the place is rude on the phone btw do not go there…seriously don’t give them the benefit of the doubt…just find another place. Where there is one trail ride provider there are at least 2 others near that you might not have seen before. Phone/email etiquette is important. You as the customer deserve respect- the worker also deserves respect so when you’re calling or emailing around to places don’t be a twat. last tip before I move on READ the fucking website. Almost ALWAYS your question is answered on the website and if it’s not reread it again before you contact them- it’ll save a lot of time and effort.

Back to my day- I didn’t have any real issue with my ride today. One rider said they were experienced and to a point they were but…just not taught very well. But they rode well enough. But overall it was an ok day at work. I rode one of the trail horses before the day started because he’s been turning into a bit of a dick and trying to race back to first barn now… He’s getting better but is going to need a couple more days of correction.

I was wanting to leave work to support my sister-in-law’s event but I procrastinated. I showed up at the last like 20 minutes of the event…I feel bad but also don’t really care… is that bad? I don’t know but I’m an asshole about things like that really… I just don’t care. I’m not interested. I’ll show up but I won’t pay attention to anything or buy anything… shitty but whatever.

The rest of the day/night… I’ll be doing nothing…well I might have a couple glass of Scotch….fuck I’m out of ice. I don’t want to go anywhere… anyone care to donate some ice? Yay enabling… (sarcasm)

Until Tomorrow…



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