Have a goodnight…

My headaches are back again… a short explanation to all you: Since I was about 12ish I’ve had headaches and migraines on and off varying in degree of intensity and lasting. My worst one lasted 3 months and doing anything was hell.

Back to now have had a headache for the past week and today it was awful…i couldn’t focus. I kept messing up simple tasks. ugh.

However on a better not I didn’t binge today even though I wanted to. I didn’t purge even though I wanted to, (I didn’t eat anything healthy but that is for another time)…. I wish I could say I did ‘t self harm but I can’t…but I didn’t self harm as much as I wanted to- don’t know if that means anything.
I felt…really empty today though. I just really wanted be able to disappear… but I pushed past the emptiness and the pain and just kept working until I was able to go home.

Have a goodnight

until tomorrow…



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