Trigger warning: Due to the content of this post I am puting a warning up. Certain topics, words, or phrases may be used and be a trigger to others. Please be careful.

(I should have put this on my previous posts and I completely forgot I’ll edit them later if I remember to, to put on a trigger warning.)

So… sorry for the lack of posts the past couple days I just got busy and didn’t want to post … Wednesday I relapsed pretty bad with my Bulimia… I binged a lot then threw up most of it and went on a 10ish mile jog/run/walk thing… (I did varying amounts of all of those) and also chugged a shit ton of water before and after… My throat is still pretty sore. (I swear if anyone makes a sex joke I will higher a midget to shove a hotdog down your own damn throat)

Anyway that night I was so low and angry that I did’t want to post anything so I just went bed that night…


Thursday… Thursday was actually a decent day. I went and picked up my horse but…it’s still surreal…like…I’m going to wake up one morning and I’ll just be back in my sad pathetic life…same as it always is but without a horse…still though… I have a horse…



I still have a horse… 

work was decent. Weather is bad so annoyingly didn’t really have much to do…
Until Tomorrow…



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