WHY -(this a rant not your regularly scheduled lunacy)


Why must things be made to be shitty? My laptop constantly just goes black and i have to manually shut it down by holding the power button if i ever want to use it again and its only 6 fucking months old. What the actual fuck.

Also i fucking hate google amd android some times. I am trying to upload photos and videos to google drive and its NOT FUCKING WORKING and freaking google wont let me just attach and send the shit via email oooh noo its too fucking hard to attach damn files jesus… but yet I try to upload even just ONE fucking photo to google drive and it takes 20 fucking years because suddenly samsung thinks I asked it to upload every fucking photo on earth! God damn can companies not get their shit together. My first phoneand my first eber computer (well family computer but still) last for YEARS… not fucking 2 hours then shits on you.





 Morning everyone.

Wednesday is Rescue day and over the past couple days I have been planning and thinking of ways to get more donations in. If any of you have any ideas please feel free to share.

For now though I’m just trying to keep my head above the water. I eaten too much recently and I need to stop. I need to lose more weight… 

Anyway nothing major to report for the prior two days. I will work on being more frequent in my posting.

On the upside though I am finally going to be calling a doctor for my head aches – or I at least plan on calling a doctor. We’ll see if I actually do.

Good bye for now I may post again later tonight…

Until Tomorrow…


What the fucking hell…

I am a very reserved person…I keep things about myself quiet and most people believe I am a “normal” albeit quiet/shy kind of person… I’m not though… inwardly I am going through hell and things that bother me… well I just shut down otherwise I would snap and people would know just how psycho I am… HOWEVER IM STARTING TO THINK THERE IS A GIANT “PSYCHO” SIGN AROUND ME BECAUSE JEEZUS CHRIST PEOPLE KEEP STANDING ME UP AND I AM SO FUCKING OVER IT GODDAMN IT!

Like seriously I know I’m not AMAAAZING looking but I’m not bad looking (usually)… but damnit what the hell is wrong with me…what the fuck do I do (or dont do ) or say (or don’t say) that rings that bell in people’s mind that screams “HOLD UP. FUCK THIS CHICK LEAVE HER HIGH AND DRY”…. and obviously I’m doing SOMETHING wrong because it KEEPS FUCKING HAPPENING… I am so fucking over it. FUCK.

also if any of you ever stand someone up or make some bullshit excuse to get out of a date you are and asshole and can go fuck yourself. If you’re not interested just say so don’t be a fuckstick amd waste their time.

Until Tomorrow….